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The right choice for fine art bronze and stainless steel sculptures!

AFA Sculpture Services Division

Have you got a public art project to execute but don’t know where to turn? As one of the premier art foundries in the country, American Fine Arts has been facilitating public art projects for over 40 years. We can be your partner in all phases of developing, producing, and installing your public art project. Through our foundry operations we have relationships with more than 500 sculptors and artists working in bronze and other media whom we can call on to facilitate projects of just about any size and scale. We also have the necessary engineering and installation partners to make sure the project is sound and installed correctly.

Contract with the strongest partner! Make sure the partner you select to execute your project has the ability to perform and has the necessary insurances and resources to be successful. Large projects can be complicated and multifaceted. Choose a partner that can handle all aspects of the project in a professional manner and that has a proven track record of meeting deadlines and making the customer happy. We often hear about projects getting off course when the contracting is done with the artist directly. If you think about it, in most cases the artist has the fewest resources available to coordinate the many elements required for a successful project. This is where AFA Foundry’s Art Services Division can be helpful. We can bridge the gap by providing full service design, sculpting, engineering, fabrication, foundry and installation services we bring everything you need to execute your project under one roof. by Brett Barney


"AFA's depth of experience and disciplined approach prepared them for every challenge we presented, and made them a pleasure to deal with. The work was of the highest quality, and the professional attitude of the team was outstanding. They became integral team members. The luckiest day of that project was when we walked through their door."

- Claro Creative Studios,
Project Management

bronze sculpturesbronze sculptures

bronze sculpturesbronze sculptures

Works of  art are set in motion with a concept…

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
Michelangelo Buonarroti

American Fine Arts Foundry Services is a full service fine arts foundry for artists and art publishers, offering an entire array of casting and production foundry services.

Our artisans specialize in bronze and stainless steel castings. We assist artist and art publishers with their marketing of their works produced in our foundry.

No job is too small or big for our foundry, American Fine Arts Foundry employs the state of the art technology to scale your project to your specific needs.


Architectural Sculpture Services Company

As an architectural sculpture services company, AFA provides turnkey conceptual and production services of art for architects, designers, builders, schools, corporations, and government, etc – anybody who may be looking to commission a large sculpture or who needs project management for a large scale project. Traditionally we have relied on our artist clients to bring us into the project which is usually during or after the selection process. Our experience has shown that if AFA is brought in early, the projects tend to run much more smoothly because we can be the Project Manager or General Contractor on these projects. By coming in up front it allows us to work directly with the end client to scope a project that meets the design criteria, budget requirements, and timeframe. We can also offer the client several artists to choose from, all of whom we have a good working relationship with helps ensure the highest level of client satisfaction.


Bronze and stainless steel castings, Ceramic shell, Solid investment, Fabrications, Moldmaking, Metal chasing & finishing, Patinas, Enlargments, Reductions, Reliefs, Plaques, Restorations, Casting, Fabrication, Enlarging, Engineering, Design Services, Sculpting Services, Sculpture Installation, Bronze Conservation, Art Rental, Project Management Packing, Crating, Shipping



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